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"an undeniable sense of vigour and enthusiasm... inventive page compositions...[Riding's] vibrant use of colour is a treat"

Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

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Welcome to crazyland


Two friends - one destined to explore the world, the other in search of his own past. James + Jack will quickly discover that anything can happen in Crazyland...

Thirteen-year-old Jack lives in darkness, held captive and experimented on by the diabolical Doctor Tyburn. He must find a way to escape before he is given the monstrous powers of the Seventh Sense. Yet Jack never could have imagined how exciting, dangerous and mysterious the world that awaits him will be.

Crazyland is a world not unlike our own: full of noise, colour, heroes and villains. Here, though, every human is paired with an 'orb', a floating friend and companion with special powers. Upon arriving in Albion City (an alternate cartoon London), an awestruck Jack goes to school, gets his very own orb, and meets a friend in James and his shapeshifting orb, Ballorb. James + Jack become inseparable, exploring the city, causing mayhem and standing up to bullies, all while Jack discovers the mysterious new abilities given to him by the Doctor.


meet the characters

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Sample pages

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BEhind the Scenes

Interested in how I create a page of James + Jack?   I wrote an article for Voice Magazine breaking down my comic-making process step by step! Click here to read the full piece.

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Learn how to draw James in 9 simple steps!


What the readers say

issue1cover copy.jpg

Start the story with The Adventure Begins - 56 pages of action, drama and silliness.
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Continue the adventure with The Orboretum - 48 full-colour pages of non-stop excitement!


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Then enter The Crystal Palace - 44 full-colour pages of mystery!
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Now read the 50-page grand finale, The Seventh Sense! 

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